Partners and Supporters

University of California, Santa Barbara

HUPS multifaceted partnership with the University of California, Santa Barbara continues to grow!

Our partnership includes the support of the Dean of the Gevirtz School of Education, Jeff Milem and two dedicated site liaisons;Lilly Garcia and Devon Azzam.  Most recently Chyrss Yost has joined our team as we embark upon the design and construction of a Family Resource Center on the Gillespie side of campus.

This team works directly with Harding’s administrative team to enhance our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support with several university programs that are targeted to meet the needs of all students.  Examples are our “Friendship Groups” through the Educational Psychology Department’s leadership of Dr. Shane Jimerson which services about 100 students a year.  Our Young Author’s Program through the McEnroe Reading Clinic and Marine Science REEF Program under the leadership of Dr. Diana Arya and Dr. Scott Simon. This program provides an opportunity for all 5th graders to become published authors on the Santa Barbara Marine Community.  We welcome back Dr. Rachel Lambert and her after school mathematicians supporting students in grades 3 - 6 in mathematically reasoning through number strings!

This year, we will be working with Devon Azzam in realizing a vision of our PK - 2 Harding’s Outdoor Program of Education and STEAM (Project HOPE+S) through the award of a grant from First 5 of California.  This is a proof of concept program that will eventually roll into other SBUSD schools.

Harding students and faculty take an annual field trip to UCSB for a day filled with educational activities that supports our college going culture.

5th grade students also engage with chemists at UCSB as part of the SciTrek programs.

There are always UCSB’s Teacher Candidates at Harding completing their final requirement for their teaching credential.

Westside Health Collaborative and SBACT

Under the backbone organization of the Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation (SBACT) our Principal sits on the steering committee with this watch group that is always looking for ways to enhance the lives of people living on the westside of Santa Barbara.  Other members include; SB Clinics, CALM Counseling, Family Support Agency, the City of Santa Barbara, Cottage Health and the SB Foodbank.  Before the pandemic, HUPS hosted a Healthy Food Pantry once a month where families not only received bags of fresh, healthy and free food, but they are exposed to several non-profit organizations that can help to support westside families.



SBACT has been responsible for securing an on-going Cottage Hospital grant affording Harding one additional CALM counselor to support students and families. 

This year, Harding will be offering a Dental Sealants for students from PK - 3rd grade through SB Clinics.


Harding’s Administrative team has written and been awarded a long term grant to bring an aligned Outdoor Education and STEAM program to Harding. We began in 2019-2020 with a planning grant forging the partnership with Dr. Sean O’Brien who has helped shape the vision of learning through voice, choice and ownership through hand’s on exploration and student driven action! This grant is a proof of concept grant that will eventually roll into other elementary schools in SBUSD

In building out these programs, we focus on students from ages 0 - 8. We will network with Preschool Programs on the westside to share best practices, align curriculum and share our spaces as the grow and flourish.

Village Properties

Village Properties has been a wonderful partner in supporting the musical development of the children at Harding. They have generously donated xylophone instruments to our Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade music program. These melodic percussion instruments allow us to develop mallet skills, learn about melodic contour, play accompaniment patterns, and much more. We love our xylophones. 

They also contributed several hundred desk shields for students and teachers to use during the pandemic!

Thank you Village Properties!