Principal's Message

 “H   A   W   K”

Honoring Agency, Wonder and Knowledge

Hello Harding Families and Community,

I am pleased to announce Mrs. Kimberly Lynch as Harding’s Assistant Principal.  We also welcome Mr. Casey Turner as our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Coordinator.  

We are very excited to bring all students back to school!  This year our theme will be “Alignment and Support” as we continue to focus on the individual growth of each one of our students.   

The last 16 months has been challenging in education however, the pandemic era may have had some benefits.  Distance learning brought Harding teachers literally into your home and you were right there guiding them, advocating for them and cheering them on.  Communication was the name of the game and through Zoom meetings, ParentSquare messaging, multiple applications that your children mastered, web pages, Google Classroom and even  simultaneous interpretation, you, your children and their teachers persevered and our Harding community grew.  

Having been through this time together, we have discovered that we can all do more.  Through the relationships that we have built, our community became connected and more willing to reach out for help.  It is not over yet.  Students will need to start this year wearing masks indoors.   We continue to ask that you do your best to lead with humility and grace.  Breathe, laugh when you can and look for the positive in every situation - it’s there, sometimes a perspective shift is all that you need.  

Our students and staff continue to impress with 2020-2021 end of year STAR reading scores that exceeded the 2018-2019 school year!  GO HAWKS!

As an IB World School, we aspire to make learning fun!  Inquiry is our vehicle for instruction and we know that student action is what makes the learning stick!  Hand’s on, project based and collaboratively driven is how we roll at Harding.  We will continue to offer our literacy, math and social and emotional tiered support and specialists will be pushing into classrooms offering extra 1:1 or small group support where needed.   We will continue to setting reading goals to grow more “Harding Millionaires” and we will be asking our older students to step up as leadership examples for our younger students.  We will continue refining our IB “Esteam” Lab and Outdoor Nature Spaces  providing students the opportunity to create, design, re-imagine and make projects to inspire and to build student agency.  

Teaching isn’t just a job.  It is not just our profession.  It’s what we believe.  We choose to make a difference.  If we, as a community, can inspire our children to dream more, to learn more, to do more and to become more, then we all succeed!

Veronica Binkley

Veronica Binkley
Harding Principal