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Mrs. Binkley's Weekly Memo To Parents - 08/27/18

Hello Harding Parents,

I want to thank you all for such a smooth start of the new year!  Starting the day with all students on one side of campus has simplified drop off for parents with students on both sides.  I also want to explain the reason behind asking students to refrain from playing in the morning.  We have a limited budget and can only staff one and sometimes two yard duty personnel.  Last year we had students on both sides of campus in multiple areas with children and siblings playing on all of the equipment.  Supervision was inadequate.  With this new protocol, we can safety supervise all students before school.
  • New cafeteria protocol
    • All students have been entering their 6 digit student id to get breakfast and/or lunch.  Preschool through Kindergarten teachers have been bringing their rosters to the cafeteria allowing kitchen staff to enter the id’s later to expedite the line.  Already in three days the older students are breezing through.  Students are welcome to eat breakfast before school or at recess.  Since we offer free breakfast and lunch, the state is requiring that we keep record of output and this is the way of reporting to them.
  • Coffee, Tea and the PYP and Volunteer Training - Wednesday at 8:45 in the Auditorium
    • Please join us for coffee and/or tea and meet new friends who want to volunteer in the classroom and/or the library.
  • Ipad Distribution
    • On Monday afternoon, all 4th - 6th grade students will be issued their iPads for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Literacy Team News
    • All students 1st - 6th are getting screened for reading ability
    • Our literacy team will be working with our classroom teachers 5 days a week this year.
    • They will be working on word work, close reading and writing with 3rd - 6th grades, and phonics, reading skills, close reading and writing with 1st and 2nd.    
    • They will also be using complex math problem solving word problems to learn how to determine the main idea, what are they asking, what do we know, etc.  This will help them students navigate through math problems more easily.
    • For our first cycle we are already reclassifying 32 students! These are students who passed the ELPAC last year and had the lexile scores to reclassify from 17-18.  Parents will be notified via phone and will be asked to come into the office to sign the reclassification form.  A verbal approval over the phone is OK too if you can’t make it into the office.  There are 54 more students who may reclassify this year.  They just have to reach the grade level lexile to reach their goal of becoming a reclassified fluent English Proficient student.
  • Notes from Enrichment
    • Music, Art, and PE will start on Monday, August 27th. The enrichment teachers are looking forward to getting started with your children!
  • Book Fair!
    • Sept. 10th - 14th ~ Scholastic Book Fair in the library.  More information to come in the Thursday folders.
Monday, August 27
  • 12:00 - 2:30 iPad Distribution
Tuesday, August 28
  • 3:00 Foundation Meeting
  • 4:00 Healthy Food Pantry
Wednesday, August 29
  • 8:45 Coffee, Tea and the PYP
  • 9:30 Parent Volunteer Training
Thursday, August 30
Friday, August 31
  • 1:30 Evacuation Drill