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Clarinet and Trumpet First Five Notes SkyLeap Music Note Game. Click the green start button to begin!
Google Music Lab Fun music experiments to engage in music inquiry learning.
Metronome Bot Click on a number to start the metronome.
Name that Note from SoundFeelings Click play, then click your clef to begin.
Singing Fingers Paint with sound! As you sing or make noise and draw, the app records the sound and paints. Colors correspond to pitch and size corresponds to how loud the sound source is. More information on Singing Fingers on my blog Dynamic Diva.
Talking Metronome Bot in 4 Speaks the number beat.
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Fun games identifying the instruments of the orchestra! Essential introduction to the instruments and players of the orchestra as well as aural quizzes and form games. More information on Young Person’s Guide on my blog Dynamic Diva.